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Extreme left spending nearly $200 million for “net neutrality”

The Obama regime is poised to re-classify the Internet as a “public utility” and begin a massive Chinese style takeover of the net. Regime bureaucrats have composed 332 pages of planned internet regulations that no one is allowed to see.¬†The Chairman of the FCC is refusing to speak before congress about what the planned regulations are. Hillary Clinton described the take-over with the ominous words “getting our foot in the door.”

The FCC is billed as an “independent agency” that reports to Congress. However, all five commissioners were appointed by Barack Obama. This makes the commission a product of the Obama administration, not “independent.”

The Media Research Center has found that the far-left Ford Foundation and the Soro’s funded Open Society Foundations are largely behind the effort. Together these groups have spent nearly $200 million in pursuit of the Internet take-over.

As far back as 2005, CNN publicly called for a license requirement for “bloggers.” Among the far-left, this is an extremely popular concept. By regulating the internet as a public utility, the Federal government can literally do anything it wants. The software used by China to censor and control the internet was largely developed by US companies. The same electronic curtail of censorship can be implemented in the United States.

Best case scenario, “net neutrality” means preferential treatment for the large corporations that fund presidential campaigns. This means higher costs for inferior internet service. Worst case scenario, this will¬†ensure a total electronic police state where dissidents are denied freedom of speech.