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FedEx refuses to ship groundbreaking gun making tool


This website is not alleging that it is legal to make a firearm receiver without a serial number. We have no idea of the legality. However, this does show that gun control is completely obsolete. In many parts of the Asian world, quality firearms are manufactured in backyard garages. In the Philippines, Muslim Jihadists are manufacturing their own copycat Barett machine guns.

In Syria, Jihadists are making homemade remote controlled stands for machine guns. There is no limit to what kind of small arm can by made with limited resources. In the past, governments have chopped off people’s fingers to keep them from using bows and arrows. Guns are becoming like bows and arrows. Easy to manufacture. Short of chopping off fingers, there is no way for any government to prevent criminals from obtaining guns.

In the Ukraine, both sides of a disarmed society became heavily armed with automatic weapons in a matter of weeks. Gun control is a lie.

The Danao province of the Philippines is considered to be one of the biggest centers of high quality homemade gun sin the world. Backyard shop specialize in semi-automatic pistols. However, Kalshnikovs, M-16, and even light machine guns are made. The Danao gunmakers have achieved such a good reputation, that scores have been recruited by legal gun manufactures.