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Florida driver kills horse in suspected racial hate crime attack

Four people were riding horses late at night in Volusia County, Florida this past weekend. One of the riders yelled at a speeding driver to slow down. The driver screamed profanities and then made a u-turn in his Dodge Ram pickup.

He rammed into Chloe Sloan and her horse on purpose. The horse was killed and Sloan was hurled onto the hood of the perp’s truck. The perp accelerated and drove the car in a circle to hurl Sloan onto the ground. She suffered a broken collar bone.

The driver, Christopher Todd, 21, was apprehended by police. Horse hair was found in the grill of his pickup truck. He is playing the “race card.” Police say he alleges an unspecified “racial slur” was yelled at him. Perpetrators of racial hate crime violence often make false claims of being called racial slurs when they are arrested.

Police say Sloan is not even the person who yelled at him to slow down.

Todd has been charged with aggravated battery and animal cruelty. Supporters of Sloan want him charged with attempted murder.