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Was the smallpox inoculation invented by a black man?

History channel libels Western Civilization with new black history hoax.

A new documentary on the history of America contained a fresh new whopper of a lie. The new History channel documentary “America: The Story of Us” says that George Washington and the continental army learned how to inoculate themselves against smallpox from Negro slaves.

This lie is clearly tantamount to libel  against Western Civilization as well as the English physician who really developed the smallpox inoculation. In the past, these politically motivated pseudo-documentaries have claimed that Muslims taught inoculation to the West. This is the first time that inoculation has ever been attributed to Negroes from Africa.

The staff at did some research and found a more detailed version of this brand new black history hoax.

The Myth: Onesimus, a Sudanese slave owned by Massachusetts Puritan Pamphleteer Cotton Mather taught Americans how to inoculate against smallpox. Onesimus brought the technique to America from the Sudan.

The Truth: Variolation against the smallpox virus was spread all over the Muslim world by the Ottoman Empire. It is plausible that Arab slave traders even administered it to their slaves in the Sudan. However there is no actual evidence that Mather learned this from his slave. Variolation was also used in China and India, both of which claim to have used it hundreds of years before the Turks.

However, variolation is certainly not inoculation! In fact a study in the early 1700’s showed that variolation killed as many as 1 in 6 people the technique was used on. Also, variolation did nothing to prevent the spread of smallpox. The process was eventually outlawed in Western Europe.

No inoculation against smallpox existed until it was developed by an English physician in 1796. Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine using the cowpox virus. His vaccine was spread all over the world by white people.

Shame on the History Channel for propagating this politically motivated hoax that is so easy to disprove.

The History channel is owned by A&E, which in turn is jointly owned by Hearst, Disney-ABC, and NBC. These are run by the Hearst family, Michael Eisner, and Jeff Zucker. The entire lot are a bunch of left-wing Democrat party supporters. Eisner was even an early backer of Obama in the Democratic Primary.

The series continues on with numerous other lies and fabrications of the far-left. The entire series is being offered free of charge to schools. This means that this phony baloney left-wing propaganda film is intended to be used to brainwash school children.