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Indianapolis man gets no prison time for brutal hate crime murder


On June 5th, 2014, Albert Rogers, 26, shot and killed his neighbor Josh Tucker in Indianapolis. Rogers had previously shot at Tucker’s pet dog one week earlier.

The media called it “an argument over a dog.” Rogers claimed “self-defense.” Police charged him with murder.

Rogers fired ten bullets. Some of the entry wounds are consistent with the victim running away from the shooter. Tucker was in his own driveway. Rogers had walked into his yard. Tucker had a lawfully concealed handgun at the time, but never had a chance to take it out.

After Rogers shot at their pet dog, Tucker and his girlfriend had installed an invisible fence to placate Rogers. It didn’t work.

Josh Tucker was playing with his girlfriend’s two year old son at the time he was killed. The murder took place with the two year old and other witnesses present.

However, Rogers was given a sweetheart plea deal that includes ZERO prison time. He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, and was given ten years of “community corrections.” Prosecutors kept the plea deal a secret from the public until the actual day of the hearing. They didn’t want to deal with public outrage.

The term “community corrections” essentially means probation with a large amount of conditions. That is all Albert Rogers got. One year of enhanced probation for each bullet he shot at his innocent victim.

Tucker leaves behind a twelve year old daughter. He was also financially supporting his girlfriend’s two year old son.

This website has compiled a massive sample of black on white murders occuring 2014. Our sample includes a total of 12 murders from Indianapolis. Black on white murder appears to be a serious problem in the city.

9/21/14 – Scott Maxie, 61, was shot in the face while working at his store near Indianapolis, IN. Three black males have been charged.
7/24/14 – Katrina Miller was murdered in Indianapolis, IN. Her black boyfriend was convicted of the murder.
7/5/14 – Perry Renn, was shot and killed while on duty as a police officer in Indianapolis, IN.  A black male has been charged.
6/5/14 – Harry Briggs, 45, was shot execution style while working at a gas station in Indianapolis, IN. A black perp was captured on video.
6/5/14 – Josh Tucker, 31, was shot and killed by a black neighbor in Indianapolis, IN.
4/23/14 – Kevin Thomas Coughlin, 55, was tied up and shot execution style by a black male in Indianapolis, IN.
4/1/14 – Nathan Trapuzzano, 25 was shot and killed while taking a morning walk in Indianapolis. A 16 year old black male has been charged.
3/31/14 – Two black males killed three white people at an apartment complex in Indianapolis, IN. The victims are James Czajkowski, 59Stephen Herold, 58, and Martha Zuluaga, 53
3/27/14 – Shannon Kleeman, 22, was raped and murdered by a black neighbor in Indianapolis, IN.
2/8/14 – Dustin Woods, 29, was murdered by two black males at a motel in Indianapolis, IN.