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Is “rage road” the new euphemism for racial hate crime?

road_rageWe are increasingly seeing instances of the media downplaying racial attacks as “road road.” The word is thrown around the same way that the media uses “happy slapping,” “knockout game,”  and “flash mob.” Or the most notorious, “wrong place at the wrong time.” All are euphemisms meant to downplay attacks on white people that are motivated by racial hatred. Many major media outlets already openly admit to censoring black crime.

A recent incident in Austin was reported on the news as “road rage.” Here is actual video from the incident. The perp yells “f@#k you, black power, white bitch!” The perp does not appear to be in a rage. He is smiling and looks like he is having fun.

The local media edited out the racial nature of the story.


Police are investigating a Texas man for a series of road rage incidents, including one that was videotaped by a woman who last week was traveling with her four-year-old daughter when the suspect accosted her on an Austin roadway.

Julie Nowlin, 39, told cops that as she was driving last Wednesday morning, a male motorist was recklessly veering across the road, crowding other drivers and trying to force them off the road. So Nowlin reached for her cell phone in an attempt to record the man’s license plate.

The other driver, however, apparently spotted Nowlin filming him. As traffic slowed, the man pulled his vehicle into a bike lane and sprung out of his car towards Nowlin’s vehicle.

As seen in the above video, the man called Nowlin a “bitch” and spit on the windshield of her car. He then raised a clenched right fist and said, “Fuck you, Black Power.” He added, “White bitch” before returning to his vehicle.

“He got out of his car three times after chasing me around at high speeds and almost killing a female jogger,” Nowlin told TSG. Cops have classified the February 4 incident as “disorderly conduct abusive language” and “reckless driving.”