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ISIS launches major offensive near US Marine Encampment

ISIS has launched a major offensive north of Ramadi and are nearing the Ain Assad airbase. There are 320 US Marines stations as the Ain Assad airbase.

ISIS has taken the village of al-Baghdadi, which is 3-4 miles from the airbase.

According to social media, bullets have hit the airbase. Some ISIS social media accounts claim an assault on the airbase is underway.

The single most prominent ISIS tactic is to create situations that polarize the public. During the US occupation of Iraq, the group bombed Shiite shrines to spark civil war between Sunni and Shiites. The group seeks a theocratic Sunni Islamic state that encompasses the whole region. They seek as many different conflicts as possible to polarize all Sunni.

We saw the same tactic deployed against the Yazidi. There are reports now that Yazidi are indiscriminately killing Arabs to get revenge for ISIS massacres. ISIS is currently targeting Shiites in Lebanon to try to spark Sunni/Shiite civil war in that country as well.

For this reason, ISIS may want the US to send more troops. The presence of US troops will further polarize Sunni Muslims. There will be civilian casualties, which will turn the public against the US. ISIS knows that the American public will not stomach large numbers of US casualties. ISIS also knows that the US will be hard pressed to occupy both Iraq and Syria, while maintaining commitments in Afghanistan and the rest of the world. ISIS affiliates are also seizing territory in Libya and Nigeria, while al-Qaeda is taking over Southern Yemen.