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ISIS parades 17 captured Peshmerga troops in cages


For months the Western media has depicted the Kurds in full control of Kirkuk.

ISIS held a parade in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk and displayed 17 allegedly Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in cages.

The video appears to debunk the claim that Kurds are in full control of the city of Kirkuk. The city is claimed by the semi-autonomous district of Iraqi Kurdistan. When Iraqi troops fled from ISIS, Kurdish Peshmerga rushed in to seize the city. They want Kirkuk to be part of a future independent Kurdish homeland.

However, the city is divided three ways. It is half Kurdish, a quarter Arab, and a quarter Iraqi Turkmen. The ISIS parade was held in the southern Arab part of the city. During the US occupation of Iraq, experts advised the US not to allow Iraqi Kurdistan to have Kirkuk. They said a race war would erupt between the Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmen.

ISIS has a history, going back to at least 2006 of inciting civil wars and thriving in the Chaos. ISIS exacerbates both religious and ethnic warfare. Ethnic hostilities in Kirkuk are a potential weapon that ISIS will undoubtedly use to the fullest. What we have seen in the region is that even “moderates” side with the militants when they feel their religious sect or ethnic group is threatened by another.

It appears that the Taliban is now copying this key ISIS tactic. Yesterday the Taliban stormed a Shiite mosque in Pakistan and slaughtered twenty people.

For months ISIS has been shelling the Peshmerga with heavy American made artillery that was abandoned by the Iraqi army. The Peshmerga says ISIS has killed about 1,000 Kurdish fighters so far. They say that a large portion have been killed by heavy artillery.