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MSNBC Host: I hope Trayvon whipped the sh*t out of Zimmerman

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry praised Trayvon’s violent assault on George Zimmerman. Trayvon told his girlfriend that he didn’t like having a “cracker” watching him. So he viciously attacked Zimmerman and bashed his head into the sidewalk. Zimmerman was forced to shoot Trayvon in self-defense.

Trayvon had been suspended from High School for ten days. Taryvon’s mother couldn’t handle him, so she transported him to his father’s house. His father had then dropped him off at his girlfriend’s house. Zimmerman, who did not recognize Trayvon as a resident, feared that Trayvon was casing apartments. ┬áHe called the police while keeping an eye on Trayvon from a distance.

Melissa Harris-Perry is the same MSNBC host who’s show urged black power activists to go to “white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.” The episode was partially responsible for the #BlackBrunch protests, which have already turned violent.

Perry made the comments at Cornell University on Monday, February 23rd. She praised Trayvon’s violent attack and then yelled “I hope he whipped the shit out of Zimmerman!” The crowd, which mostly consisted of young black college students, cheered.