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Muslim Brotherhood may go full Jihad in Egypt


Muslim Brotherhood affiliated satellite network operating out of Turkey. The man is advocating the murder of Egyptian law enforcement in retaliation for crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is now under intense pressure to go the way of violent Jihad or loose all their followers to more extreme groups like ISIS.
by Kyle Rogers

The main ideological difference between ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is the concept of Qutbism. This is the ideology of “offensive Jihad.” It is a defining characteristic of al-Qaeda and ISIS, while the Muslim Brotherhood has a long standing policy of taking power by the vote.

The Muslim Brotherhood was supported by the US State Department during the Egyptian coup against US ally Mubarak. Hillary Clinton declared that the Muslim Brotherhood was “committed to democracy.” At the same time Clinton was still denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood in the Palestinian territories as “a terrorist group” and prosecuting American citizens for donating money to the group.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood have been removed from power in a second Egyptian coup, which the US State Department opposed. A new secular Egyptian government is aggressively prosecuting members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Over 1,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood are in Egyptian prisons for crimes related to their short lived rule.

The only place that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power is the Gaza Strip. Their political party is called Hamas, and they have their own militia called al-Qassam Brigades. The Muslim Brotherhood is fighting a propaganda war against ISIS in the Gaza Strip. Many Palestinians watch ISIS propaganda on the internet and lament that the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t waging Jihad in the same fashion.

The goal of ISIS is global Sunni Jihad from Morocco to England to India to the Philippines. The hallmark of ISIS is to exacerbate civil wars, such as bombing Shiite targets to spark Sunni/Shiite fighting. This tactic was actually opposed by many al-Qaeda leaders. This is what caused ISIS head al-Baghdadi to come into conflict with al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Afghanistan.

Another ISIS tactic is too assassinate leaders of rival Jihadist groups to absorb their members. Both of these tactics were used by ISIS predecessor Islam State in Mesopotamia, which was called al-Qaeda in Iraq [AQI] by the US media. These tactics eventually resulted a backlash in Iraq and led to a rapid decline in the group. Though a big part of their decline was the creation of the Sons of Iraq by US General Petraeus.

Sunni tribal militiamen were put on US payroll. At it’s height, sixty thousand Iraqi Sunni were being paid by the US taxpayers not to fight US troops and not to fight for AQI. Shiite president al-Maliki was supposed to continue the funding for the Sons of Iraq. He cut off funding in 2013, when he began a crackdown on Sunni. ISIS offered amnesty to members of the Sons of Iraq who “repented.” Today it appears the former Sons of Iraq are fully cooperating with ISIS.

ISIS is deploying the same tactics in Syria and Lebanon. Meanwhile ISIS affiliates are waging war in Northeastern Libya and the Sinai Peninsula. This is putting direct pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Gaza Strip. 

Meanwhile the crackdown by the Egyptian government continues. Now the Egyptian government is trying to shut down Muslim Brotherhood tv stations operating outside of Egypt.


The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged European Union member states to close satellite channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that are broadcasting via European satellites.

During his Tuesday meeting with ambassadors from EU member states in Cairo, Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Hatem Seif El-Nasr urged them to “shut down channels that support the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organisation and are broadcasting through European satellites.”

“These channels incite violence and murder in Egypt,” said El-Nasr, according to correspondent from Anadolu agency who attended the meeting.

He stressed the need to “monitor extremist websites that disseminate messages of violence and incite murder, and to block the funding of these extremist groups.”

The Egyptian diplomat also said that it is important “to stop dealing with the illegitimate entities that Muslim Brotherhood members abroad belong to, and to cut relations with these entities because they do not represent official Egyptian entities.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that it is establishing contacts with unnamed European governments bodies in order to urge them to take “necessary and firm measures” against the broadcasting of material that incites hatred and terrorism on pro-Muslim Brotherhood satellite channels.

Muslim Brotherhoood Satellite tv networks and website are increasing calls for violence in Egypt.

From BBC…

On 29 January, Rabi’ah TV, a Turkey-based channel, aired a statement which it said was from a “revolutionary” group threatening to target foreign nationals and businesses in Egypt.

Presenter Ahmad Rushdi said that the Revolutionary Youth Leadership warned all foreigners, including diplomatic missions and multinational corporations to leave Egypt “or risk being targeted”.

“All foreign companies operating in Egypt are given an ultimatum to withdraw their licenses and put an end to their operations by 20 February 2015, or else all their projects will be targeted by the revolutionaries.”

Reading out the statement, the presenter added that all tourists planning to visit Egypt should cancel their flights.

“All countries supporting and financially or politically backing the coup should immediately cease their support for the coup within a period of one month… or else all their interests in the Middle East will be subjected to severe attack leading to grave consequences.”

An article published on the MB’s official Arabic-language website Ikhwanonline urged MB members to prepare for “a long jihad”.

Published on 27 January, the article was headlined “A message to the ranks of the revolutionaries: ‘And prepare'”. It was written by someone calling himself Faris al-Thawrah (Knight of the revolution).

The writer quotes sayings by the late MB founder, Hassan al-Banna, including “The MB will use practical force when it is the only effective means.”

He added: “Everyone should be aware that we are on the threshold of a new stage where we recall our latent power and evoke the meanings of jihad.

”We should prepare ourselves and our wives and children as well as our followers for a restless, long jihad in which we should seek the status of martyrs.”

So the Egyptian government is pushing the Muslim Brotherhood underground. While ISIS affiliates wage Jihad in the Sinai and other side of Egypts’ Northwestern border. Combine that with the fact that ISIS is winning over the radical Islamic youth. ISIS is seen as the “cool kids” by young radical Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood could become irrelevant if it does not engage in open Jihad. If ISIS uses the same tactic in the Palestinian territories as they have used in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, they will bomb Jewish settlers and Jewish religious sites to spark retaliation and war. They will capture and kill members of the Jewish community to goad the Israel government into retaliation. There are millions of Palestinian refugees living in poverty in “refugee camps” in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. These camps could rapidly through large swaths of the Middle East into chaos.

In other words, if the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t waging Jihad in Egypt and the Palestinian Territories, ISIS will. If ISIS becomes the champion of the Palestinians it is all over for the Brotherhood.