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Obama appears to flash Salafist hand gesture at African Summit

obama_hand_signOn February 5th, Obama poke spoke a group of Muslims. He described Islam as “our faith” and denounced Christians for the Crusades.

Now, we see Obama flashing a hand gesture at the African Leaders’ Summit. The gesture is identical to the hand sign used by Salafists (Hardline Sunni).

The hand sign has become well known over the past few months, because members of ISIS routinely flash the hand gesture in videos. The hand sign represents an affirmation of the Islamic faith.

If you look at pictures of Obama’s hand gestures, this looks different from his normal speaking gestures. The gesture at the African Leadership Summit appears out of place with Obama’s body language. Obama is known for his arrogant “finger wagging” gestures. However, he normally does not tuck in his thumb, nor does he look in a different direction than whom the gesture appears to be aimed at.

Obama looks like he is subtly gesturing as he walks past the brutal dictator of Gambia, Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh. Notice that Jammeh appears to be looking directly at Obama’s hand. Jammeh is a hardline Sunni Muslim. NGO’s accuse him of horrible atrocities. The most notorious was the 2009 government sponsored witch hunts. About 1,000 Gambians, suspected of witchcraft,  are believed to have been murdered in government custody.

Jammeh was also invited to the White House to speak with Obama.