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Our black on white murder study has shocked even us

hate_crime_murder_finalSee the entire list of documented black on white murders in 2014. 

We set out to create the most comprehensive look at interracial murders, involving blacks and whites, ever conducted. The results are shocking. Our sample of black on white murders has grown to 393 cases.

To date we have only been able to find four cases of white on black murder for 2014.

We even reached out to the SPLC, black power groups, and other left-wing organizations for assistance in compiling cases of white on black murders. None of these groups sent us any murders. The SPLC, which hypes white on black violence, does not list a single white on black murder for the entire year of 2014.

Our sampling of 2014 black on white murders keeps growing. Special thanks to and Kathy.

Present Tally: 393
Hold Up/Hate Crime/Thrill Kill: 188*
Pizza Shop: 5
Cab Driver: 6
Police Officers Killed: 9
Home Invasion: 64
Killed By A Friend: 23
Killed while providing charity: 2
Femicide: 59**
Femicide Related: 17***
Killed by boyfriend’s brother: 2
Killed by son/daughter: 2
Killed by female in-law: 1
Killed by foster child: 1
Killed by foster parents: 1
Criminal Vehicular Homicide: 13****

*Some victims may have been killed by someone they knew, but the media never reported the full details.

**There were numerous suspicious deaths of white females who died of drug overdoses while they were with black males. There is another case where a white female supposedly “shot herself playing Russian Roulette” with her black boyfriend. We only listed cases that were classified as murder by the authorities. We did not list cases in which a black male played an obvious role in the death, but the death was classified as accidental. There was one case of a white female being killed by a black female “ex-wife.” There are also numerous cases of a white female being shot by a black male while in the company of a black boyfriend. we did not count these as “femicide.” However, it seems that white females involved with black males are at a dramatically increased risk of being murdered by a black male in general.

***Femicide related refers to victims killed by the black boyfriend of relative or close friends. Many of these victims are young children of white females dating black males. Some are women who were attacked by the black boyfriend of a white female friend.

****We only listed cases of vehicular homicide in which the perp was committing serious crimes when they killed a victim. In several cases, the perp was fleeing from police. In two other cases, their is strong indication the perp did it on purpose.

One white on black murder is a major national news story. Where is the outrage for the daily occurring black on white murders?