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Pizza delivery driver nearly disemboweled in Edmonds, Washington

pizzaMajor chain pizza joints tell their employees that they are not allowed to be armed. What they don’t tell them is that pizza delivery drivers are murdered at astronomical rates.

In our research into black on white murders in 2014, we found five cases of white Pizza delivery drivers being killed by black males. We also found several causes of white being severely injured in attacks. Many sources claim that delivering pizza is more dangerous than being a police officer.

Mike Brenick was stabbed multiple times while delivering a pizza in Edmonds, Washington. He spent eight days in the hospital. Police apprehended Christopher Cowan, a black male. Edmunds is only 2.6% black.

12/2/14 – Robert Caudill, 26, was shot and killed, by a black male, while delivery pizzas in Lorain, Ohio.

10/29/14 – James Crabtree, Jr., 45, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizza in Columbus, OH. The suspect is only 16.

10/21/14 – Gordon Schaffer, 22, was shot and killed while working at a pizza shop in Columbia, TN. A 17 year old black male has been charged.

9/22/14 – Richard Yeager, 35, was shot and killed while delivering pizzas in New Orleans, LA. The suspects are two 16 year old black males that were already wearing court mandated ankle bracelets.

7/9/14 – William O’Neill, 46, was killed while delivery pizzas in San Antonio, TX. A black male ran him over with his own car.