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Road Rage or Hate Crime?

The ABC station in Arlington, Texas calls this “road rage.” The victim is white and the perpetrator is black. Would they treat it the same way if the races were reversed? Or would it be a “racially motivated hate crime.”

We are seeing an increasing number of cases that look like racial hate crimes, but the media downplays them as “road rage.”

From WFFA…

Just before 7:30 p.m., she steered toward pump two at the 7-11 gas station on the intersection’s southwest corner when a woman in another car nearly crashed into her.

“I wave at her, honk, ‘What the heck?’ and she proceeds to make gestures…” she said.

She says the woman got out of her car, so she did too, in hopes of diffusing the situation. The opposite happened.

“[She] actually grabbed me by the hair, put me on the pavement and with the other hand, started assaulting me,” she said.

Through it all her biggest fear was for her son, screaming in the back seat.