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Second guilty plea in notorious hate crime sledgehammer murders

white-victimIn March of 2013, two black male cousins killed a white couple with a sledgehammer. They targeted the couple after the older perp brutally beat and stabbed their adopted daughter for refusing to have sex. The main perpetrator was 18 at the time and his younger cousin was 14.

The main perp has been convicted and is in the sentencing phase. The second perp pleaded guilty Friday.

Chelsea Lynn Schobert is a black female who was adopted by wealthy white foster parents. She began dating Shawn Ford, a violent inner-city dropout, in 2012. Her adoptive parents lavished Ford with expensive clothes, dinners at nice restaurants. They even took members of Ford’s family to nice restaurants with them.

Then on Schobert’s 18th birthday, March 23rd, 2013, Ford become enraged because she didn’t want to have sex. He suspected that she was planning to break up with him. So he beat and stabbed her. She was taken to the hospital. Ford fingered another person to police as the perpetrator. Schobert was too scared to tell police who really did it at the time.

Then Ford and his younger cousin walked to her the home of her adoptive parents. They broke in and killed Jeffrey Schobert with a sledgehammer.

Ford was not satisfied and wanted to kill the mother as well. He sent Margaret Schobert text messages asking when she was coming home from the hospital. He waited in the house for several hours playing drinking games with his younger cousin. When Margaret came home he hit her with the sledgehammer 19 times.

Chelsea Lynn Schobert was hospitalized for a month.