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Six shot at Syracuse, NY Pub

white-victimA black male shot six people at a Pub in Syracuse, NY. It was all part of a plot to murder an old girlfriend in front of her family.

Rebecca Spossey, a white female, dated Michael Morris for five weeks in 2009. He was then sent to prison. He was released in January 2014.

Morris allegedly abducted Spossey and took her to Mcavan’s Pub, where several members of her family were. Morris is accused of shooting six people inside the pub. Several victims are family members of Spossey.

Rebecca says that the perp wanted revenge because she did not visit him in prison.

Lawrence Gabrie, a bouncer, wrestled the gun out of the perp’s hands. Gabrie was shot four times, but kept fighting.

Photos: Douglas Spossey, the brother of Rebecca Spossey, who was shot in the chest. Micheal Morris.


A bouncer at a Tipperary Hill pub is a hero who wrestled out of the bar a gunman on a shooting spree early Sunday morning, the bouncer’s fiancee said.

Lawrence Gabriel, 28, was working his weekend shift at McAvan’s Pub at 12:50 a.m. when he saw his best friend, Douglas Spossey, 24, get shot in the chest.

The shooter, Michael Morris, then opened fire on others at the bar, police say.

Gabriel, a U.S. Army vet and a boxer, came to the rescue. He was able to pull the shooter out of the bar with help from his cousin, Joshua Kennedy, said Gabriel’s fiancee, Megan Holmes, 23.

Gabriel was shot four times during the struggle, she said, and Kennedy was also wounded. A total of six people were shot in the spree. All are expected to live.