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Somali refugees make demands before Portland school board

Somalians are being brought to the United States at taxpayer expense. The Obama administration gives grants to not-for-profit groups to resettle Somalians in the United States. Most live on welfare.

In Portland, the Somali refugee community is demanding that they be provided with Somalia language classes and Islamic studies classes in Portland public schools. The number of Somali children in the Portland school system has swelled to 480.

At the center of the Portland Somali community is the Federally funded┬áCenter For Intercultural Organizing. This outfit receives hundreds of thousands per year in Federal tax dollars. Recently the Center allowed a group called the “All-African People’s Revolutionary Party [AAPRP]” to hold a meeting that was advertised as “blacks only.”

The AAPRP are openly Marxist Black Power militants. We see in Portland that Federal taxdollars are being used to transform American society without the consent of the American people. The Obama administration is bring in huge numbers of foreign refugees to transform communities. All while allowing militant groups to use Federally funded assets to keep these refugees radicalized.

In Columbus, Ohio, which has the largest community of Somali refugees, the entire Somalian community is bused to the polls on election day and given instructions to vote Democrat,