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SPLC compares Dr. Ben Carson to the KKK & Westboro Baptist church

Carson speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, MarylandThe Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical far-left fundraising hustle, placed Ben Carson on it’s extremist watch list. The group posted his picture next to a collage of faces that includes robbed KKK members, the Westboro Baptist Church, and people convicted of multiple armored car heists.

The SPLC called Ben Carson a darling of “hate groups” and the far-right. The SPLC publishes a free magazine which it mails to every single judge and police department in the United States. The magazine publishes “watch lists” that the SPLC wants law enforcement and Judges to target.

Meanwhile the SPLC openly winks at left-wing violence. A recent issue of the group’s magazine romanticized a violent criminal gang as it’s featured story.

The DC terrorist, who attempted a shooting spree at the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council [FRC], told police he was inspired by the rhetoric on the SPLC’s website. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok vowed “no exoneration” for people who’s rhetoric inspires violence. Then he turned around and claimed the the SPLC shared no blame for inspiring the DC Terrorist. Mark Potok had compared the FRC to the KKK on national television.

Last November a writer for the SPLC, David Runzeul, was murdered by two black males in an unprovoked racial hate crime. The SPLC went weeks without even mentioning that their friend had been killed. Finally they wrote an article denouncing other people as “racists” for talking about the murder.

From SPLC…

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson rapidly ascended as a far-right political star after publicly scolding President Obama, whom he sat a few feet away from, at a National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Carson’s reproach of Obama for his health care and tax policies went viral, unleashing a flood of adulation from right-wing media and hate groups. Carson’s own story as an “up by the bootstraps” black man reared in poverty translated into an inspiring, magnetic narrative that captured media attention. Soon he was appearing as the keynoter at a rash of right-wing and hate group gatherings, linking gays with pedophiles, comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany and endorsing biblical economic practices for 21st century America.

A New York Times best-seller,America the Beautiful ignited Carson’s career as a political activist. In it, he said that marriage equality would lead to “a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire.”

Although the book amplified Carson’s name recognition, the breakout incident that made him a sensation in far-right political circles was his audacious public criticism of President Obama, who was sitting nearby at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.

But it soon became clear that Ben Carson was moving on to another career. He joined the right-wingWashington Times as a weekly columnist in July 2013, and in October of that year Fox News also hired him as a commentator. In October of that year, he gave an inflammatory speech that compared Obamacare to slavery at the Values Voter Summit, an annual conference of conservatives rife with anti-LGBT rhetoric. He was mobbed by supporters at the Washington, D.C., conference who carried signs saying “Draft Ben,” according to press reports.