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SPLC lying about Chapel Hill spree shooter’s Facebook page


The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] is trying to capitalize on the Chapel Hill Spree Shooting. They are pushing a false narrative that the perp was a right-wing “gun enthusiast” motivated by a hatred of Muslims.

The SPLC says they looked at the perps’ Facebook page but indicates there is nothing of interest on it. The SPLC only states “Hicks’ Facebook page was filled with statements against religion of all types, although Islam was not particularly singled out.” The SPLC is deliberately concealing a dark secret. Chapel Hill Spree shooter Craig Hicks was a follower of the SPLC Facebook page. The SPLC logo came up right on Craig Hick’s own Facebook page.

The SPLC claims Hicks was a “gun enthusiast.” After an extensive search, we found one picture of a revolver on his Facebook page. We found a bunch of links to militant atheist material, pro-Homosexual material, left-wing websites, and the SPLC!

SPLC spokesman Mark Potok once openly admitted to media that they do not write about violence from the left. The very fact that the SPLC is writing about Hicks, means that they are implying that he is a right-winger.

The SPLC blames “politicians and pundits” who have “aggressively attacked Muslims and their faith.” In other words, Conservative politicians and pundits. Despite the fact that the SPLC knows Craig Hicks has all kinds of pro-Democrat and anti-Republican material on his Facebook page.

So the SPLC admits looking at the guy’s Facebook page, which is packed with links to left-wing material, then portrays the spree shooting as anti-Muslim violence from the right. The SPLC knows what is on this guy’s Facebook page. They know he is a hard-core left-winger. A lie by omission is still a lie.

The SPLC is the same group that recently called black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson a “right-wing extremist” and posted his picture with a collage of robbed KKK members, the Westboro Baptist Church, and members of an armored car heist.