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Swedish Social Democrats announce mass forced integration plan

SwedenSupport for the left-wing/Marxists in Sweden among ethnic Swedes is waning. That is why the Swedish left is importing 3rd world immigrants at the highest per capita rate of any EU nation right now. They are importing ass many new Socialist voters as they possibly can.

Ylva Johansson was first elected to the Swedish parliament in 1988 as a member of the Communist VPK party. She later switched to the larger Social Democrat party. She has proposed a plan to forcible integrate all of Sweden. New 3rd world immigrants would be sent to small communities in the north that still remain mostly homogeneous.

Anna Kinberg Batra, the leader of the Moderate Party, has proposed a counter plan on behalf of the opposition in Parliament. Her plan calls for stricter requirements for immigrants that would reduce the number of immigrants Sweden is currently taking in.

Sweden has a complicated system that allowed the Social Democrats and the Communist Green party to jointly run the government despite having only 39.5% of the seats in parliament.

Support for Socialist and Communist parties among ethnic Swedes has been dropping each year. As support has dropped among ethnic Swedes the parties have become increasingly hysterical about the alleged need for more immigrants. They have completely shut down freedom of speech. People who criticize immigration are subject to attack campaigns by the media. They are also subject to being physically assault by the hundreds of violent Marxist gangs allied with the Communist parties.

The Swedish Democrats, a populist party that opposes 3rd world immigration gained 14% in the last Swedish election. The Swedish media hysterically calls them “Nazis.” The moderate parties could have formed a coalition with the Swedish Democrats and they would be in control of the Swedish government right now. A coalition between two moderate parties, two center-right parties, and the Swedish Democrats would hold 54.5% of the Swedish parliament. However, the moderates succumbed to media pressure and allowed the Social Democrats and the Greens to take power with just 39.5%.

The Local.SE…

While Sweden has made global headlines for taking in more refugees per capita than any other EU nation, these immigrants are largely clustered on the outskirts of major cities in the south, with some parts of the country currently taking in just a handful of newcomers.

Sweden’s Social Democrat integration minister Ylva Johansson has announced that she is drafting a new law designed to make sure all regions take in asylum seekers and offer help with jobs and housing.

“The distribution is unreasonable. We need to make changes in the law for everyone to take responsibility,” she told Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan on Thursday.

She said that the bill’s core details were still being worked out, but that the main principle was achieving a “more even distribution” of refugees between Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

“We need legislative changes to ensure that all local authorities take responsibility for refugee protection,” she added.

Ylva Johansson was speaking from Malmö in southern Sweden, which is an increasingly popular location with asylum seekers due to regulations which allow immigrants to stay with friends and relatives who have already moved to the area rather than being allocated accommodation in areas selected by Sweden’ Migration Board.

Johansson described the policy as a “tremendous problem” and said that the government was reviewing the law.

She added that she wanted to cut the amount of time it typically takes a refugee to get a job in Sweden to two years. On average, asylum seekers usually find work after six to eight years.