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US State Department evacuates Yemen

Yemen is another perfect example of how US meddling has turned an entire country into chaos and created powerful new enemies for the United States.

The US State Department is evacuating it’s embassy in Yemen. This is the second evacuation in two months. Yemen is now in a three-way civil war that mirrors Syria. Shiite militia, al-Qaeda, and the Yemenese government battle for control. Shiite militia have taken control of the capitol and the capitol.

The President of Yemen resigned and the parliament dissolved last month. The capitol is being run by a five member “Presidential Council” set up by the Shiite militia.

Shortly after being sworn in “anti-war candidate” Obama began secretly bombing Yemen. The Obama administration denied the campaign for months. It was only publicly admitted after Wikileaks published stolen cables about the bombing.

When Obama started bombing targets in Yemen in 2009, al-Qaeda was a tiny pariah outfit hiding in caves. Today al-Qaeda controls large swaths of land and hold public parades and rallies. Civilian deaths at the hand of US drones and Tomahawk missiles, have sent Sunni Yemeni into the arms of al-Qaeda.

It is likely that Yemen will split back into two states, reflecting the former nations of North Yemen and South Yemen. One will be a hardline Shiite nation allied with Iran and Hezbollah. The other will be a radical Sunni nation that will harbor and export Jihadists.

From DW.DE…

Officials announced that the US would temporarily close its embassy in Yemen for the second time in less than a month. On Tuesday, Yemeni employees of the embassy – who, unlike their American colleagues, will not be evacuated – told the Reuters news agency that the United States would likely ask Turkey or Algeria to look after the building.

Last month, Shiite militiamen took control of key government buildings in Sanaa, prompting US-backed president, Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, to tender his resignation and the militia to take over the government. Just last week, the Houthis seized power by force following an ultimatum to Yemen’s political parties.

On January 25, US President Barack Obama had vowed that the United States would not let up in its campaign against al Qaeda in Yemen despite the country’s political turmoil.

Shiite militia have taken over much of Northwestern Yemen and have now seized the capitol.

Shiite militia have taken over much of Northwestern Yemen and have now seized the capitol.

al-Qaeda and other Jihadist groups control large territories in southern Yemen.