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Violent Marxist Antifa gangs allegedly fighting in Ukrainian Civil War


The separatist Donetsk Oblast was added to the Ukraine¬†by the Soviet Union. It is one of several Oblasts that were annexed by Lenin and Stalin to make the Ukraine more Soviet. Donetsk is mostly ethnic Russian, and many separatists are nostalgic for the old Soviet Union. The ethnic Russians in the East are the former ruling class during the Soviet era. Many separatists are openly pro-Communist. In Donetsk, the separatists refer to the Ukrainian army and militias as “Nazis” and “fascists.

There are claims that members of Europe’s violent Marxist gangs, known as Antifa, are coming to Eastern Ukraine to fight for the Separatists. They believe that the proposed nation of Novarussia could become a Communist stronghold. Antifa also is fully committed to the idea that pro-Ukrainian forces are indeed “Nazis and Fascists.”

Members of Antifa have held pro-Novorussia demonstrations in Europe, especially in Spain. The Antifa gangs create MEMEs on social media comparing the Novorussian separatists Communists guerrillas. It Spain it is being alleged by Antifa and the Spanish Communist Party that members are in Eastern Ukraine to join militias. Antifa and Spanish Communist Party members have displayed huge banners comparing the Ukrainian government to Nazis at professional soccer games.

Russia’s LifeNews even aired a profile of an African immigrant from Spain that is fighting for the separatists. He compared the separatists to the Communists who fought Franco in Spain.

This website is a semi-official mouthpiece of the Nova-Russia separatists. It uses the old .SU [Soviet Union] domain extension. It is listed by Alexa as the 92nd largest website in Russia and the 129th largest in the Ukraine. It claims that 35,000 foreign volunteers have flooded into Donetsk over the past six months. The majority of the foreign volunteers serve in non-combat roles. However many are part of armed militias. Foreign volunteers are not being paid. Some come for only a few weeks at a time. The website says that Separatists feed and shelter the foreign volunteers. Some foreign militia members get $200 a month for walking around money.

According to Antifa websites, these are Antifa gang members from Spain that are fighting in Eastern Ukraine as foreign volunteers.

Italian pro-Communist Antifa-linked rock band Banda Bassotti with pro-Novorussia banners. Event was held in Moscow.

Antifa gang members holding a pro-Novorussia demonstration in Germany.