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Was Kayla Mueller killed by her own ideology?

Kayla Mueller with poster of Palestinian Communist leader Ashraf Abu Rahma.

We don’t know how Kayla Mueller really died. ISIS claims she was killed by a bomb dropped by the Jordanian air force. Other suggest she was already dead and ISIS is lying.

People should be asking is why this young American girl was in Syria in the first place.

Kayla Mueller original went to the Middle East to protest Israel. She was involved with the International Solidarity Movement [ISM].

“Kayla came to Palestine to stand in solidarity with us. She marched with us and faced the military that occupies our land side by side with us. For this, Kayla will always live in our hearts. We send all our support to her family and will continue, like Kayla, to work against injustice wherever it is.” – ISM, February 10, 2015

ISM published a picture of Mueller sitting in front of a poster of Palestinian Communist leader Ashraf Abu Rahma. Mueller spent time in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. She participated in occupying homes earmarked for demolition.

The fact is that Kayla Mueller was a Cultural Marxist who talked about her “privilege.” Starting in 2009, she worked with different not for profits in Arizona, India, Israel, Palestine. Before going to Syria, she was in France to learn the French language in preparation for going to Africa. She ended up going to Syria instead of Africa.

Mueller showed up uninvited at a Spanish encampment of Doctors Without Borders near Aleppo. The city of Aleppo is a major metropolitan area, that has been controlled by Jihadists for years. She showed up with a technician who had been sent to repair equipment.

The next day, August 4th, Doctors Without Borders arranged for her to be taken to Turkey. She apparently went wondering around and was captured by ISIS. She never showed up for her bus.