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Who is to blame for astronomical black student arrests in San Fransisco

SanFranRight in the heart of multicultural paradise is a disturbing trend. Blacks make up a very small percentage of San Francisco Public School school children, but a huge majority of children being arrested at school.

For the first half of the 2014-2015 school year, blacks accounted for 8% of students, but 73% of students arrested at school.

37 students were arrested at school so far this school year, and 27 were black. The local NAACP is demanding action. School board member Shamann Walton, who is black, and Vice President Matt Haney, who is white, claim there is a history of treating blacks more harshly for the same offense.

The NAACP is also complaining that the staff is too white. District staff is 37% white and administrators are 43% white. However, San Francisco is 48% white. White are underrepresented in District staff compared to their population as a whole in the city. Most whites are having few children and sending them to private schools.

San Francisco goes to great lengths to accommodate black students. They already have a taxpayer subsidized black only school run by the Nation of Islam. (Technically the school is not supposed to be subsidized by taxpayers, but the city is letting them use an old school building rent free.)