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Wisconsin Middle School assigns crude anti-Republican homework

stupid-marxist-bitchA public school in Neenah, WI assigned 8th graders anti-Republican homework assignment. The students were told to answer questions about a pro-Amnesty, anti-Republican political cartoon.

The assignment was given by Social Studies teacher Grace Davis.

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The homework, assigned by 8th grade Social Studies teacher Grace Davis, featured a political cartoon with a clearly labeled Democrat laying bricks to convey the building of a “pathway to citizenship,” while the Republican-labeled character is removing the bricks, effectively dismantling any immigration process. The cartoon is originally from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, not the teacher’s own creation.

The assignment then directs the children to fill out a series of questions about immigration policy, using the cartoon as a reference. The homework assignment asks:

  1. Who are the men in the picture (What is their job? Look at what they are doing for a hint)
  2. What are they building?
  3. What do the symbols on their shirts represent?
  4. What is action being done by each man?
  5. What might this mean to us about immigration and citizenship?

An 8th grade boy at Shattuck returned home with the assignment and showed it to his father, Scott Radies. Radies showed IJReview the homework.

It is absolutely no shock that this homework assignment has come out of a Wisconsin Public School.

Public schools in Wisconsin are under the control of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction [DPI]. This Soviet sounding department is actually a fourth branch of the Wisconsin government. It answers to no one and is not controlled by the Governor. It is perhaps the most powerful Education Department of any US state.

DPI has become absolutely notorious. A while back they posted an online library of “White Privilege” articles. Many openly promoted hatred of all white people.

The DPI distributed a flyer to teachers that urged white school children to wear “white privilege” wristbands. This website helped lead a backlash that caused the DPI to delete the online library.