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Yemeni clerk that last spoke to Jessica Chambers has gone into hiding


Ali Alsanai is the gas station clerk from Yemen that is the last known person to talk to Jessica Chambers. Based on photographs local residents had on their Facebook pages, the gas station appears to a hub of gang activity. Alsanai himself had numerous pictures of himself with guns and doing gang signs at the gas station.

Now Alsanai has left town and says he may never return. He is claiming he is being threatened because of internet rumors. He current location is a secret.


The death threats got worse, as well as accusations by bloggers and social media groups that he was tied to various gangs, and even to Islamic terror organizations.

Contacted by The Clarion-Ledger late last week, Alsanai confirmed he is no longer in Courtland. He is believed to be out of state, but he would not confirm a location, citing safety reasons.

District Attorney John Champion said Alsanai was always cooperative with the investigation. As early as Dec. 18, Champion confirmed that Alsanai was not a suspect.

The outside pressure has caused a level of fear that many in that small town can’t figure out how to deal with or process. Chambers family friend Alicia Faulkner, who grew up with Jessica’s sister Amanda Prince, said people even tried to point the finger at her.

“They don’t know us. We’re small-town people who were living our lives every day and then we were struck with this,” she said.

Here is minutes of raw video from Ali Alsanai being interviewed by a local media outlet. Towards he the end he complains that he might be on “the list” and have a hard time at the airport. He appears to be talking about the no fly list.

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