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ANC plays the “tribal” card


The ANC, which now has a Zulu dominated leadership, is taking a page from the American Democrats. If you don’t like the president, it is only because you hate his tribe not his policies.


The aftermath of the chaotic State of the Nations Address (SoNA) has taken a new twist with villagers in President Jacob Zuma’s KwaZulu-Natal homeland accusing his detractors of tribalism.

Villagers expressed dismay at the disruption of the President’s address, mostly by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), arguing it was aimed at “undermining Zulus.”

The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and are known for upholding traditional values centred on the respect of elders and leaders.

Xolani Mkhize of Msinga said such behaviour towards Zuma “must be stopped.”

“We in KwaZulu Natal view the continuous disruptions of Zuma’s Parliamentary business as purely persecution and tribalism by people who do not wish to see a Zulu man leading the country,” said Mkhize.

He referred earlier incidents in Parliament when EFF, a breakaway formation from the African National Congress Youth League, booed Zuma.

“I strongly believe the EFF lacks respect towards elders of this country, particularly Zulus,” said Mkhize of the firebrand opposition lead by controversial Julius Malema.