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Another black cop killed by a black criminal. Media looks the other way.


At least three black police officers have been killed in the line of duty by black males in 2015 so far. A fourth black officer killed in the line of duty was most likely killed by a black suspect, but there are no witnesses.

Now a retired black Philadelphia detective has been killed by a black male. Several members of his family were also injured.

On March 9th, Rashai Harmon, 26, of Lewes, Delaware was fleeing from police in a SUV when he slammed into another car. Charles Permint Jr. was killed. His wife, another woman, and his three year old granddaughter were all injured. Harmon is a career criminal that was wanted for numerous crimes. The murder occurred in Harbeson, Delaware.

Marvin Jones

Once again the killing is ignored by the #BlackLivesMatter crowd and the liberal media. Black criminals who die while committing a violent crime are lionized as martyrs, while innocent victims of criminals are ignored.

For the past week, Delaware NAACP president Richard Smith has been holding press conference demanding investigations into the self-defense shooting of a violent criminal by Wilmington police.

Marvin Jones, who has gang tattoos on his face, was shot in a confrontation with police last January. He is now a quadriplegic. Jones pointed a gun at a police officer during a traffic stop. Jones is a convicted felon. The NAACP is trying to portray Jones as a martyr who was only pulled over simply because he is black.

If the NAACP and other black power groups actually cared about helping black people, they would be rallying around Charles Permint, Jr. and speaking out against black crime.