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Arrest made in racial hate crime mob attack on Rahm Emanuel’s son


The son of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel was the victim of a black on white mob attack near the family’s ritzy home last December. The attack, which landed the victim in the hospital, was heavily censored by the media.

Now an arrest has been made. One of the perps took the victim’s iphone. It was traced back to the victim through a series of online sales. Police say the suspect is a member of the Wicked City Faction of the black supremacist street gang the Almighty Black P Stones.

The Almighty Black P Stones is a black only street gang, that combines criminal activity with racial ideology. The gang espouses the ideology of the Moorish Science Temple of America [MSTA]. This group claims that the Moors of Northwestern Africa were a black master race who conquered much of Europe and settled North America before white people did. It also espouses Islam and is similar to the Nation of Islam. MSTA claims that many famous Europeans, including Beethoven, were actually “black Moors.”

Many members of the Almighty Black P Stones also espouse the ideology of the Nation of Islam or the Nation of Islam splinter group Five Percenter Nation. MSTA has dwindled over the past few decades with the rise of the Nation of Islam, the numerous splinter groups, and mainline Sunni Islam.

The gang is allied with the black prison gang known as Black Guerrilla Family, which advocates black nationalism and Marxism.

The gang preys on whites and Latinos, while also fighting for territory with other black gangs. The gang has thousands of members in Chicago, Milwaukee, and other major cities.