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BBC suspends Top Gear host for using racist geometry

When this came across social media, we thought it was a hoax. Jeremy Clarkson, the host of a major international tv show, was suspended. Top Gear, the show he has hosted since 2002, will not air this Sunday.

Based on reports in the British media, the main reason for the suspension is because Clarkson described a bridge as having “a slope on it” while filming an episode. The episode was filmed in Burma, and witch hunting “anti-racists” claimed that the word slope is a “racial slur for Asian people.”

There are rumors that Clarkson punched a producer after being threatened with suspension. BBC is only saying that a “fracas” occurred.

Clarkson is also in a public feud with the Milliband family, who represent some of the top leadership of the left-wing British Labour Party.