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Black males just killed at least three black officers … and no one cared


So far this March, black perpetrators have killed at least three black police officers. No media frenzy. No trending hashtags. No nothing.

Obie Wells Sr. owned horses and cattle. He went by the nickname “Josie” after the fictional character in Clint Eastwood’s movie The Outlaw Josey Wales. He was slaughtered in Baton Rouge on March 10th. The suspect is┬áJamie D. Croom, a career criminal. Croom is already a suspect in the murder of two women. Yet he was allowed to roam the streets and keep killing. Croom was also shot and later died.

Brennan Rabain died in a crash while pursuing a speeding car. His dashcam was broken and the suspect he was pursuing is unidentified. It took place in Beltsville, MD, which is less than half white.

Robert Wilson, III was shot and killed by two black males in Philadelphia on March 5th.

Terence Avery Green was shot and killed in Fulton County, GA. The suspect is from Ethiopia. Most likely he is a “refugee” that was brought to the United States at taxpayer expense. The murder occurred on March 4th. It is being described as an “ambush.”