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#BlackBrunch stages bizarre mock beating inside a St. Louis cafe

Radical black power activists and white Marxists stormed into a St. Louis cafe and staged a mock white on black police beating.

The object was falsely depict black men as living in fear of their lives from the police. In reality, white crime suspects are significantly more likely to be shot by police than black crime suspects. The stunt was used to creating a false depiction of reality.

The rhetoric of the far-left is becoming increasingly hateful, nonsensical, and bizarre. Recently Tim Wise, who appears on CNN regularly, suggested that white people resort to daredevil mountain biking because of a lack of being targeted for violence by police.

The ordeal was reminiscent of the outlandish computer animation of a white on black mob attack in the MSNBC/SPLC documentary Erasing The Hate. They couldn’t find any examples of actual white on black mob violence, so they created a fictional computer simulation of what the violence might look like if it really happened.