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Daughter of Malcom X pleads guilty to massive theft

Malcolm X is a former spokesman for the Nation of Islam. He joined the Nation of Islam in prison. After preaching race war for years he visited Mecca. When he returned, he shunned NOI theology for mainline Sunni Islam. He announced that he would no longer condemn all white people. He was then murdered by followers of Louis Farrakhan.

While many black militants consider Malcolm X to be a great hero, his own family keeps making the news for horrible crimes.

His daughter, Malikah Shabazz, 46, just plead guilty to stealing the identity of a close friend. She racked up $55,000 in charges to credit cards taken out in her friend’s name. A warrant was issued for her arrest in 2009, but it took the NYC authorities five years to actually arrest her.

She was only arrested for the massive theft after police received a complaint that her daughter was not showing up at school. After pleading guilty, she was allowed to simply walk out of the courthouse.

A NYC judge says he will not send Malikah to prison. She will simply be given probation. She agreed to “pay back the money.” It is extremely unlikely that she will ever pay back any substantial amount of the theft.