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Dutch MP launches inquiry into discrimination in South Africa


Dutch MP Han ten Broeke

A Dutch parliamentary member, Mr. Han ten Broeke of the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid and Democratie (VVD), submitted questions to the relevant ministers which now have to be answered.

They read as follows:

South Africa has been a democracy for more than twenty years already. How do you view the state of democracy and the constitutional state in South Africa? How do you judge the leadership of President Zuma in particular?

Despite the scrapping of Apartheid in South Africa, it appears that racism has still not disappeared from the South African society. According to your opinion, is the South African government serious about the struggle against discrimination and is there discriminatory legislation in South Africa?

Are you aware of reports that ‘positive discrimination’ in South Africa is applied in such a manner that many young white people no longer see a future for themselves in their country and are emigrating on a large  scale? Can you confirm this and what is your opinion about this?

What is the situation regarding the dialogue about human rights in South Africa that the European Council initiated?

How do you judge the role of South Africa as a regional power in the African Union and its role in peacekeeping missions? In your opinion did it change in the last couple of years?

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VVD is the largest political party in the Netherland. It is centrist/libertarian.