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German court green-lights Muslim on Jewish violence


In Germany there are severe penalties for committing an anti-Jewish crime. In fact, numerous people have been sent to prison just for saying the number of Jews who died in Nazi custody is fewer than six million.

However, most violent crimes against Jews are committed by Muslim Immigrants. Across Europe the left-wing panders to Muslims immigrants. The left-wing parties want open borders to import left-wing voters.

Consider this logic. Three Arab immigrants were convicted of firebombing a synagogue in Wuppertal, Germany. A German court has ruled that the perps can’t be given an enhance penalty for committed a hate crime. The court says the immigrants were motivated by a hatred of Israeli Jews, and not all Jews, and therefore did not commit a hate crime.

All three perps were given a wrist slap. The Judge suspended all jail time and gave them 200 hours of community service. Ethnic Germans are sent to prison just for speech that is deemed offensive to Jews. Muslim immigrants get no jail time for firebombing a synagogue!

From Israel Channel 7 News…

According to the court, the two defendants’ motives stem from anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism – as a result they were released pending trial.

The attack took place last summer during Operation Protective Edge. The pair, both of Palestinian Arab origin, threw firebombs at a synagogue in Wuppertal. Fortunately, none of the worshippers were injured.

“The damage was mainly to the property, but this story reflects the readiness of Muslim extremists to act out against Jews,” Rabbi Avichai Appel, the Chairman of the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference of Germany, told Walla! News. 

Indeed, the paper reports that anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish institutions have multiplied steadily in the past month.

Among other instances, a pig’s ear was placed at the entrance to a synagogue in Eisleben, swastikas were sprayed at the entrance to a Jewish cemetery in Oldenburg, and anti-Semitic graffiti was found adjacent to an apartment building in Bad Betrich.

According to Appel, Wuppertal’s Jewish community will appeal the court’s decision regarding the motives of the two perpetrators.