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Hungarian PM strongly denounces immigration and multiculturalism


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered his annual “state of the nation” speech in Budapest, Hungary, Feb. 27, 2015.

During the speech he denounced multiculturalism, immigration, and political correctness. Orban stated “The Hungarian man is, by nature, politically incorrect. That is, he has not lost his common sense.”

Orban vowed to fight immigration, and said Hunagry will not be turned into a “refufee camp.” Orban said Hungarians  “don’t want to see throngs of people pouring into his country from other cultures who are incapable of adapting and are a threat to public safety, to his job and to his livelihood,”

Orban denounced left-wing social policies, defended Christianity, and called multiculturalism “a delusion.” He called for the rejection of “liberal social policies.” Orban, who also defend Vladmir Putin, praised Russia, Turkey, and Singapore as examples of “illiberal” states.

The entire speech is online, however we could not find one with subtitles. Orban is the newly elected Prime Minister from the Fidesz party. Fidesz is part of the center-right EFF group in the EU. However, center-right in Hungarian is far more conservative that center-right in countries like Germany and Britain.

After the 2014 election, Fidesz controlled 115 out of 199 seats in the Hungarian Parliament. The conservative Christian Democratic People’s Party got 16 seats. The right-wing/Turanist party Jobbik also got 23 seats. The Socialist and Green parties took huge losses. Combined they only hold 43 seats, or less that a quarter of the parliament. Another 9 seats are held by independents.

Hungary is probably the most conservative country in the EU. Fidesz is also open to leaving the EU. Hungary, Greece, and Britain are all nations that could leave the EU in the near future.