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Jared Taylor & Sam Dickson, Esq. go to Russia


The Russian International Conservative Forum was held in Saint Petersburg. There were thirty speakers. Representing America was Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson, Esq., both regulars at the CofCC Conferences.

Other foreign speakers came from France, Britain, Scotland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Germany.

From American Renaissance…

On March 22, I addressed the Russian International Conservative Forum, held in Saint Petersburg. Its purpose was to provide a forum for politicians and thinkers united in their support of national traditions and in opposition to globalism. There was a strong sentiment throughout the meeting of support for Russian sovereignty and European national independence in the face of pressure from the United States. As Yury Luybomirsky of the Russian National Cultural Center explained at the beginning of the meeting, the goal of all the participants was “to preserve national identity and culture,” and that independence from outside pressure and influence was essential for that purpose.

This was not a meeting that went unopposed. Demonstrators protested outside the conference site, and the meeting had to end early because of a telephoned bomb threat.

The meeting may have been an unprecedented assembly of European “far-right” groups, including Forza Nuova (New Force) of Italy, the National Independence Party of Finland, the Attack Party of Bulgaria, Golden Dawn of Greece, the National Democratic Party of Germany, and the newly-organized European group, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. These parties have been tarred with the extremist labels, but are all dedicated to preserving European and national traditions.

Russia was represented by such groups as the Russian Imperial Movement, New Russia, and the editor of nationalist magazine Russian Observer. There was also a contingent of Cossacks, dressed in traditional military uniforms. The Russians strongly supported the effort to establish autonomous regions in Eastern Ukraine.