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Trial ends for racial hate crime murder of 15 year old girl in Seattle


Remember when the media devoted national attention to a black stain on a building near the the Colorado NAACP headquarters and falsely called it “bomb damage.” Remember when a black suicide in Mississippi was on CNN for two days to hype the remote possibility that it might have been a white on black murder?

Meanwhile, actual racially motivated violence against white people is being heavily censored.

A trial just concluded in Seattle for a sickening spree shooting attack against teenage girls. We originally reported this story back in 2013, when it first occurred.

Erick N. Walker, a black male, opened fire on six white teenage girls. She shot at them from his car. 15 year old Molly Conley was killed.  He also hit several houses and other cars. Walker did not know any of the girls he was shooting at. He just wanted to kill a teenage girl for the fun of it.

The jury has added insult to injury by refusing to convict him on first degree murder. They opted for lesser charges and failed to return a verdict for one charge. Walker faces 65-80 years in prison. The race of

If the races were reversed, this murder and subsequent trial would have been national news stories.