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Media refuses to condemn black pop star for promoting racial hatred


Azealia Banks is one of the biggest black female pop stars in America. She is on the same label as Madonna and Lady Gaga. For the past year this website has reported that she publicly advocates racial hatred and racial violence against white people.

The media gives her a free pass and never mentions it. Even the celebrity gossip websites have been completely silent.

Now she gave an interview to playboy magazine where she express her hatred of all white people. Some media is finally starting to notice. Yet she is still being treated with absolute kid gloves. Left-wing Huffington Post printed a few of her more mild anti-white comments with no commentary. Other media outlets are also taking a similar approach.

A white pop star can not say anything about race without being crucified. A black pop star can call for the murder of white people and still be praised by the media.

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From New York Daily News…

“I hate fat white Americans,” Banks continued. “All the people who are crunched into the middle of America are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma — that’s really America.”

The 23-year-old emcee’s hostility for her native country stems from her childhood, from what she saw in the outside world to what she was learning at home.

“We had journals in second grade. I went to PS 166, on 88th Street and Columbus Avenue, and we had a teacher I could not stand,” the “212” rapper recalled.

“The black kids got in trouble all the time. We were loud or whatever, but whenever she told a white kid to quiet down and they did, she’d be like, whatever. But if she told a black kid to quiet down and one of them sucked their teeth, she’d put them in the corner,” she added.

“I wrote in the journal one day, ‘I cannot stand this white b—- teacher. F— this white b—-,'”Banks continued. “She found my journal and called my mother, who was embarrassed, because my mother used to say stuff like that — ‘White people are the devil. Stay away from them.’ That teacher was scared of me after that.”

Using scare tactics apparently worked for the “Ice Princess” rapper, who boasted about once punching a teacher in the face when she was 3-years-old and attending preschool.