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Newest #BlackLivesMatter turns out to be … do I even have to say it?

Yeah, that is a court mandated ankle bracelet.

Do we even have to tell you that Tony Robinson is another hardcore criminal? Really? Is it even necessary? After the multitudes of lies about Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and others, does anyone still believe the media or the #BlackLivesMatter crowd?

Ok here goes. 19 year old Tony Robinson plead guilty to felony armed robbery last October. A judge gave him a laughable wrist slap. He suspended the prison time and ordered Robinson to wear an ankle bracelet.

Essentially he went unpunished. If the judge had actually sent him to prison, he would be alive today.

On twitter Tony Robinson routinely posted hardcore pornography and ranted about his love of “nicely shaped fat ass.” He tweeted about doing drugs. He also railed about Mike Brown and how white police unfairly harass black people.

On March 2nd, just days before he forced a police officer to have to shoot him in self-defense, he tweeted “Black Power.”