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NJ Deli under attack for honoring White History Month


A small deli in Flemmington, NJ is honoring March as White History Month. The local Hunterdon County Democrat responded with a vicious agitation-propaganda piece inciting hatred against the owner.

Columnist Rick Epstein incited hatred against the owner with outlandish claims.

Jim Boggess of Jimbo’s Deli posted a sign honoring White History Month. Radical left-wing columnist Rick Epstein penned a hate-filled rant for the local Hunterdon County Democrat. This is a paper owned by the same parent company as the extreme left-wing Newark Star-Ledger.

Epstein hypes a completely bogus claim that the sign contains a secret message promoting the Ku Klux Klan. He says that that the t in the word white looks like “a cross” and is the “style used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white-power groups.” This is not only incendiary, it is totally nonsensical. When does a t not look like a cross?

Epstein is literally grasping at non-existent straws for a way to demonize and incite hatred against Boggess. Boggess has since changed the lower case t to a capitol t to appease Epstein. However, that didn’t stop Epstein and the Hunterdon County Democrats from spewing their vitriol anyway.

Epstein praises Bhakti Curtis, a “big, black and loud” black resident of Flemington for filing a “harassment” complaint against the Deli with police. The police said that no wrongdoing has occurred. Curtis is now complaining about the police for not ordering Jimbo to take the sign down.

This website would like to encourage all readers within a 100 mile radius to eat at Jimbo’s Deli. The deli is in a small town east of Allentown, PA. It is located at 22 Main St. in Flemington, NJ.

Click here to see the agitation propaganda piece in the Hunterdon County Democrat.