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Notorious ISIS executioner once paid $3,000 to have dinner with Mike Tyson


The man on the left is notorious ISIS executioner Khaled Sharrouf with Mike Tyson in December 2012. The man on the right is currently in prison in Australia for organized crime.


Young son of Khaled Sharrouf

Khaled Sharrouf is an ISIS fighter and executioner who loves to post pictures of himself on the internet. He is most notorious for posting a picture of his young seven year old son holding a severed head on the internet. He is a Lebanese Sunni from Australia. He is featured in video of the mass murder of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit in June of 2014. He is also the star of an ISIS beheading video that is believed to have been filmed in Raqqah, Syria.

Before leaving for Syria he was active with a Sunni Lebanese organized crime syndicate. He was also active with violent Jihadists. He had been arrested many times in Australia. He was involved in the September 2012 Hyde Park riot in Sydney, Australia.

He is close friends with Mohamed Elomar, who was a boxer in Australia. Elomer also joined ISIS and has posted pictures of himself on the internet with severed heads.

Sharrouf’s wife and five children are all presently in Islamic State territory.

In December 2012, Khaled Sharrouf attended a $3,000 a plate dinner with Mike Tyson in Australia.

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