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Obama regime refused to deport the man who killed Next Top Model contestant


This website predicted that the perpetrator would end up being an illegal alien when this murder first occurred. The US Senate Judiciary Committee conducted an investigation into the perpetrator. He was arrested in 2012 for marijuana. Authorities started the deportation process because he had known gang affiliations and was considered a threat to public safety. The Obama regime dismissed the deportation order. Instead ICE was ordered to set him free, He is now charged with killing three people, including a model who was a contestant the tv show America’s Next Top Model.

From Breitbart…

Records obtained by the Judiciary Committee reveal that although Rangel-Hernandez was placed in removal proceedings after he was brought up on drug charges, the removal proceedings were dismissed because he was approved for DACA.

“According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arrest Affidavit, Mr. Rangel-Hernandez was arrested for misdemeanor possession of Marijuana on March 30, 2012,” the GOP senators explained their findings in a letter to DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson Friday.

“As a result of his arrest and unlawful status in the United States, Mr. Rangel-Hernandez was put into removal proceedings by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after his arrest on March 30, 2012,” the pair continued. “Subsequently, Mr. Rangel-Hernandez’s removal proceedings were dismissed on December 18, 2013 due to his approved DACA application.”

According to the senators, whistleblowers also say that Rangel-Hernandez was able to obtain DACA protections despite his known gang affiliations.