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Oops! Nemtsov killed by radical Muslims, not Putin fans


One suspect has confessed to his involved in the murder of “Putin critic” Boris Nemtsov. His motive is not what the US media was hyping.

The suspect is a Muslim and says he wanted Nemtsov killed for “negative comments on Muslims living in Russia, prophet Mohammed and Islam.” Once again the media hyped falsehoods to support the narrative they wanted.

Another named suspect is also a Muslim. Three more have not been names, but Media has speculated who their identities are. It is believed that all five are Muslims.

The suspects are all from the North Caucuses region of Russian. This is a heavily Islamic part of Russia. The North Caucuses province of Chechnya has has fought two wars to gain increased autonomy. During those uprisings, the rebels drifted from Caucasian Nationalism to radical Islam. The CIA is widely blamed for inserting al-Qaeda members into Chechnya as a proxy war against Russia.

While the current president of Chechnya does seem to be combating Jihadism, the province is a major exporter of Jihadists. Hundreds of Chechens are fighting in Iraq and Syria.