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OU gave second chance to athlete accused of throwing teenage girl down the stairs


Dorial Green-Beckham was a star football player for the University of Missouri. However, he was kicked out of the University on Friday, April 11, 2014. He was accused of smashing his way into an apartment and hurling an 18 year old girl down the stairs. Green-Beckham was never prosecuted because the alleged victim stopped cooperating with police. The victim told police that she feared the wrath of Green-Beckham’s girlfriend, friends, and supporters.

OU president David L. Boren, the man who banned the SAE fraternity and expelled some members, thought Dorial Green-Beckham was a good fit for Oklahoma University.

From the Kansas City Star…

Green-Beckham remains indefinitely suspended from the MU football team by coach Gary Pinkel.

According to a Columbia Police report released Thursday, Green-Beckham was looking for his girlfriend around 2:30 Sunday morning when he allegedly forced his way into an apartment in the 300 block of Old Plank Road, where two 18-year-old women live.

One of the residents was expecting company and opened the door, according to the report, but she tried to close it when she saw Green-Beckham, who pushed the door open with enough force that the doorknob made a hole in the drywall.

The other woman who resides at the apartment allegedly was pushed with two hands by Green-Beckham while he went down a flight of stairs looking for his girlfriend, 20. The woman fell down at least four stairs and hit the floor, injuring her wrist, the report says. She had a bruised and swollen right wrist and limited movement of her fingers, but declined medical attention, according to police.

Green-Beckham, 20, then left the apartment with the girlfriend, according to the report.

The girlfriend was quoted in the report as saying “I was in the bathroom, I didn’t hear or see anything.” The report also said the girlfriend was “extremely uncooperative.”

Later Sunday, around 7:30 p.m., both 18-year-old women went to the Columbia Police station. The woman who allegedly was pushed said she had been exchanging text messages with Green-Beckham’s girlfriend all day and no longer wanted to press charges, according to the report.

The alleged victim told police “she was afraid of the media and community backlash since Green-Beckham is a football player for the University of Missouri and is possibly going to be in the NFL Draft soon.”