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Protest against Tim Wise expected at Queens University of Charlotte


Tim Wise, who has publicly advocated violence against the TEA Party movement, is scheduled to speak at Queens University of Charlotte on March 25th.

March  25, 2015  7:00 PM Dana Auditorium, E.H. Little Fine Arts Center

Tim Wise grew up in a wealthy Nashville family and became involved with militant Marxism and criminal activity when he was young. He has bragged about running a fake id mill, “vandalizing government property,” committing theft, using drugs, and selling stolen property.

Wise writes book on “White Privilege,” which is an extreme political ideology that demonizes all white people. Among other things, he once publicly called on his followers to murder members of the Florida TEA Party movement in 2013. Tim Wise is also a regular contributor on CNN.

Wise says that white people have more money than black people, because whites are oppressing blacks. Wise has more money that most white people do. He has made a fortune as a paid speaker at colleges and left-wing events. However, Wise is known to become enraged when questioned about his own wealth. To see the psychotic race hatred that Tim Wise promotes on a daily basis, check out his Facebook page.

In 2011, the New York Times published a study saying the income gap between Reform/Secular Jews and other Americans is greater than the income gap between whites and blacks. Tim Wise is a wealthy Secular/Reform Jews himself. So according to his own writings, he must be oppressing both black and white people to obtain his wealth.

We strongly encourage conservatives to protest Wise’s speaking engagements. By aware that his core supporters can turn violent. Twice since 2013 there have been protests against Tim Wise speaking engagements on college campuses in Indiana. Both times, supporters of Tim Wise turned violent and someone was arrested and charged with a felony.

If you’d like to co-ordinate with other protesters at Queens University, contact Scott Terry on Facebook.

This webmaster would like to make these recommendations to the protesters.

  1. Ask students if they were required to attend by a professor
  2. Ask for the name of the professor
  3. Publish a list of these professors on the internet (they will hate that)

Wise spoke at two Universities last week. One was a disaster, with almost no one showing up. The second was a packed auditorium. The reason is because hundreds of students were forced to attend by their professors at one University, but no one was forced to attend at the other.