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Queensland banned Outlaw MCs, but actual drug gang runs wild


An Aboriginal gang from New Zealand, called “Black Power,” has exploded across Queenland Australia. The members are Maori and Polynesian. Members of the group dress like “bikies,” members of outlaw motorcycle clubs, but do not actually ride motorcycles. The gangs are based off of black drug gangs from the United States.

Queensland is famous for adopting the most radical anti-MC laws in the world. Over two dozen motorcycle clubs have been banned and their members barred from certain trades. If three or more members of a banned club gather in public together, they face six months in prison.

So Queensland residents are asking why the authorities are turning a blind eye to the Black Power drug gang. While the authorities aggressively persecute white motorcycle clubs, actual drug gangs are treated with kid gloves if their members are racial minorities.

Australia seems to have an extreme racial double standard when it comes to stopping organized crime.

Black_PowerFrom Gold Coast Bulletin…

The gang is escaping the statewide crackdown because it is not named in Queensland’s tough anti-gang laws.

Anti-gang police squad Taskforce Maxima says it is monitoring Black Power’s activities, but because it is classified as a street gang and not a criminal motorcycle gang, it falls under the dominion of local police.

Black Power has carved significant territory in Beenleigh, taking over what was formerly Hells Angels heartland, and police say it has been causing problems for months.

A day later at Waitangi Day celebrations at Kingston, 15 Black Power members surrounded police as they spoke to the chapter president.

“Clearly it was an act of intimidation,” a police source said.

“When 15 gang members surround police officers in the course of their duties, it’s not for a friendly chat, is it. This is a very real concern to police.”

Black Power members wear bikie-style patches but do not ride motorcycles, similar to now-defunct street gang Notorious.

Wearing blue and black gang colours, members have proudly announced their presence on social media. “Black Power Australia Black and White … COMING TO AN AUSTRALIAN CITY AND TOWN NEAR YOU!!!” it states on the gang’s Facebook page.

It is understood the gang meets regularly and has elected a president, a 42-year-old man from Logan, but a clubhouse has not yet been established.

The New Zealand Police said the gang is involved “in serious violence, selling and distributing drugs, possessing firearms and offensive weapons, and using intimidation and threatening tactics in pursuit of their criminal activities”.

The criminality and brutality of the gang is well documented in New Zealand.

Its members are Maori and Polynesian, and many have intimidating facial tattoos.

A decades-long rivalry with another feared and largely Maori street gang, Mongrel Mob, has led to many violent clashes in public.

New Zealnd’s Maori and Polynesian drug gangs

Queensland has actually banned two dozen white Motorcycle Clubs as illegal gangs. It is believed to be the most severe anti-MC law in the world.