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Seattle man beaten and stabbed in racial hate crime mob attack


A group of ten to twelve black males brutally beat and stabbed a white male. They also groped several white female victims. It took place in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. The local media has gone into censorship mode, treating the attack as a “hush crime.”

Local media reports are censoring all mention of the race of the perpetrators. The police report describes the attackers as 10-12 black males.

A witness posted about what he saw on Reddit. There are also allegations that the victims requested police assistance before the attack, and police refused. The female victims asked two police officers to escort them to their cars, and the cops allegedly refused.

Several other people came forward on reddit to share first hand experiences with black on white violence in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.

In 2001, hundreds of young blacks brutally beat random white people at the Seattle Mardi Gras. One young white male was beaten to death. Several others, including women, were seriously injured. The perpetrators claimed the festival was “racist” because there was no rap music on the list of songs to be played.