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SPLC declares Reddit to be WORSE than Stormfront


Twenty years! For twenty years the SPLC has railed against the internet message forum as some kind of mythical empire of white supremacy. The SPLC even carried out an agitation campaign against the employer of the website owner’s wife. The SPLC seemed to think that Stormfront was so bad, that anyone married to the owner should not be allowed gainful employment.

Yet, now the SPLC is declaring something to be even worse than Stormfront. The anything goes social media site Reddit.

They even tweeted this cutsey picture of the reddit mascots burning a cross. SPLC is calling it “the violent black hole of racism” that is “worse than Stormfront.” The outlandish claim was greeted with ridicule on social media sites.

Two weeks ago the SPLC website posted a picture of black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson next to a collage of robbed Klan members, the Westboro Baptist Church, and convicted armored car bandits.

Speaking of violence. “DC Terrorist” Floyd Corkins told the FBI that he decided to try to murder members of the Family Research Council after reading the SPLC’s incendiary rhetoric about the group. Fortunately Corkin was subdued after only wounding one victim.

The SPLC romanticized violent Marxist street gangs. They profiled the gang responsible for the brutal Tinley Park rampage and called them “a constructive force” in a bold font sub-headline.