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Ten new black on white murders


Joseph Hruska and “Chay” Kelsey were slaughtered by three blacks males in Atlanta. The perps were apparently on a crime spree targeting white people.

Recently, CNN ran TWO national news stories about the suspicious death of Otis Byrd, a black male in Mississippi. The man most likely committed suicide. In fact, the FBI has now announced that preliminary autopsy results indict a suicide. However, CNN gave the suicide national publicity two days in a row, to hype the remote possibility that he had been murdered by a white man.

Actual white on black murders have become so rare that the media makes national stories out of a suspicious death. Meanwhile, actual racially motivated black on white murders are quarantined to local coverage and described as a “robbery gone bad.”

Of course CNN neglected to mention that the black male murdered a woman in 1980 and spent 26 years behind bars. CNN definitely didn’t want to report that the woman he murdered was a white woman. In fact the daughter of his victim is now an Air Force General and married to a former Congressman from Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t the high profile of the daughter of the woman Otis Byrd brutally murdered, be a more relevant story? Apparently, not to CNN!

The extreme far-left Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] raises about $25 million a year hyping white on black crime. Except they can’t even find any. For the entire year of 2014, their website hyped one suspicious black suicide as a possible white on black murder. Local authorities have ruled it a suicide. Local black power activists have added fictional details to the suicide, that can be easily debunked.

The SPLC and MSNBC came out with a documentary that hypes white on black crime. They show a computer animation of what a white on black mob attack might look like. The event in the computer animation is purely fictional. A white ex-con is given $35,000 worth tattoo removal services in exchanged for making vague claims of having participated in violence against black people. Yet no specific details are given and no actual crimes are ever cited.

If you follow this website, you already know that we link to actual videos of actual racially motivated black on white mob attacks all the time. Probably at a rate of once a week. Yet the combined resources of MSNBC and the SPLC couldn’t find one actual video for the documentary. The SPLC often hypes white on black murders that are over minimum of ten years old and sometimes decades old. They have been recycling the same murders for the organization entire history.

We have asked the SPLC, #BlackLivesMatters, and various other left-wing groups for examples of white on black murders for 2014 and 2015. So far we have only found four in 2014, and one in 2015.

Our 2014 sampling of black on white murders is now up to 403.

Our 2015 sampling of black on white murders is already up to 61. (we have already documented 32 just for January of 2015)

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3/19/15 – James Stuhlman, 51, was shot and killed by a group of black males aged 14-15 in Philadelphia, PA.

3/15/15 – Sharon L. Moody, 52, was murdered in her home by a black male in Junction City, KS. Suspect is described as an acquaintance.

3/15/15 – Amanda Collins, 33, was found dead in her truck near Shreveport, LA. A black male described as an acquaintance has been arrested.

3/14/15 – Three black males murder two outside of a bar in Atlanta, GA.

Joseph Hruska, 33
Chaitanyalila D. Kelsey, 32

3/12/15 – Matthew Hagerty, 24, was shot and killed by a group of black teenagers in Titusville, FL.

3/5/15 – Christopher Guilbeau, 24, was found dead in Texarkana, AR alley. Two black males and unidentified female minor arrested after being caught driving around in his car.

3/1/15 – Eva Todd Carmichael, 94, was shot to death when four black males invaded her home in Meridian, MS.

12/26/14 – Amabel Calderon, 3, was beaten to death. Her mother’s black boyfriend has been charged with murder. She was covered in bruises and had bite marks.

9/3/14 – Kallay Randal Batchelor, 32, was stabbed to death in her home in Escanaba, MI. Her black husband has been charged.